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08-22-02 More Tokyo Madness
We've been in tokyo for about a week now, and we've been having an awesome time.
When Nao's mom doesn't feed us, we eat these kick ass things called beef bowls,
and they are straight up delicious. We finally practiced the other night as 3:00
in the morning....after pocket face had a show. it was ridiculous: taylor played a bass, and gary did too,
and i played a guitar that stayed in tune until you played it. it rocked. hopefully we can upload pics over here,
so keep an eye out for that. hope all is well in america! keep checkin websites-


08-11-02 Tokyo Japan
For the past few weeks Nao and I have been in Tokyo and all over the rest of Japan,
touring with our other band pocket face ( In just a couple days now,
Mat and Gary will Join us here to start writing our new record and play a couple shows in Japan.
Sorry there hasnt been much news the last month but nothing aE related has been going on.
don't worry, we still love you.


06-08-02 ROCK
Last night we played a rad show with Everyday Victory, Nice Pants, and the Courtesy clerks.
Everyday victory was way rad. even though we could anly stay to see half their set
Nice Pants, and the Courtesy Clerks both have some awesome new stuff! and I hear that
both those bands will be recording it soon, so that rocks!
as for us (alterEGO) we finally found a drummer. His name is Nao (pronounced 'NOW')
He is also the drummer in my other band Pocket Face, so if we have any shows together,
Nao and I will be worn out.
He only had 2 practices with us before the show last night, but he totally pulled it off
although Cliff was an awesome drummer, with this new energy and motivation, I think we might
be able to actually get somewhere with this crappy band.
or at least play a lot more shows and have a lot more fun
anyways, to all the Kids in Winston that came and rocked with us, Thanks!
we had a blast.


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