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two years

I can't believe, it's been two years
the time went by so quickly.
Remember when we used to lie in bed
until 2 in the morning.
Cold Febuary nights made shorter by
the love that you brought me
Is this going to be the end,
it all went by so quickly.

Maybe I'll take my chances
But that never seems to work
So, maybe I'll take my chances
But on another kind of girl

So much for happy endings
This kind of thing happens all the time

Forget all the words we said
it only lead to this in the end
And times supposed to heal this all
but its taken me two years to come this far


I'm scared of what ive become
whats happened to me
to make you hate me,
and what have I done?

Ive given you the best years of my life
I cry for you with every song I write
and when Im in the dark you are the light
shining on me
I'm wishing every day and every night
that I could find a way to make it right
but I know, you know, I know, you know,
you dont want me anymore

and I'm scared of the things you say
you say you dont love me
you say "i hate you"
and what can I do?

I'm scared of what I might be

no me

I used to know a girl
she used to know me
and though I really miss her
I know that she doesnt miss me
Sometimes I try to call her
but shes got caller ID
and she doesnt pick up
when she knows its me

She thinks that I'm a jerk
and that it wouldnt work
and that I'm not the kind of guy that she can use
to make into a man
and take me by the hand
but if she would i know Id be the best that I can

all Im asking for is one more chance
I know its not too late
Ill tell her all the things she wants to hear
but she has made it perfectly clear,
that she doesnt want
she doesnt want
she doesnt want
to know me

I used to know this girl
but now i just dont know
and though I want to kiss her
I try not to let it show

She thinks that I'm a jerk
and that it wouldnt work
and that I'm not the kind of guy that she can take
home to mom and dad
cause theyd probably get mad
but if she would i know Id be the best that I can

and now I look back on all the wasted time I spent on her
and I finally realize that I could never change her mind
I should try to find
someone new.

Let's go!

as I look around this room today
I see a million possibilities
and here I stand in the middle of it all,
na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na

hey, ho, lets go!
hey, ho, lets go!
hey, ho, lets go!

as I stare out my bedroom window,
I can see tomorrow
and its better than yesterday,
na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na

46 to 17

I always wanted to be 'that guy',
I never meant to make you cry.
but looking back I know,
that you were wrong..

so here we are and there you go,
I guess I wont see you anymore,
so whats the score?

I see now where I went wrong,
I cant believe it took so long.
were not the same as we used to be...
why cant you see?

and now I know its gonna be different
and now I know its gonna be the same

Turning Point

Steppin out of my front door,
and Im not looking back and I said
this is how it has to be this time.
Ive got nothing left to say to you
and you said you have better things to do
than hang around with a guy like me tonight.

hey yeah hey yeah
Im not looking back again and
hey yeah hey yeah
I知 not coming back tomorow
hey yeah hey yeah
I知 never looking back again and
hey yeah hey yeah
this is how it has to be this time

Its time for me to try to change
things cant always stay the same
and I know I dont need this anymore
I知 growing up and moving on
and after all is said and done
I know we値l be better off this way

Walter Matthau

Walter Matthau is dead.


You池e just 16 and I知 17
but youre the prettiest girl that ive ever seen,
we could hang out at the beach all day,
you can swim while I surf on a wave,
theres just one thing keeping us apart,
just one little thing thats breaking my heart.

youre a mermaid and I知 not,
but Ariel I love you a lot,
our parents just dont understand,
please come with me to a better place,
up on land.

I値l fill my bathtub up with seawater,
and we could have a half mermaid daughter,
she could breathe up on land and under water.
We壇 be the cutest couple that you ever saw,
you値l sit around in your purple seashell bra,
then whos at the door but the FBI
they池e gonna cut you open to find out why...


So what if we're starting over once again
I know this is just a means to an end
believe me when i tell you everythings gonna be ok
i know that you think i never have anything to say

driving out to your house on a sunday afternoon
thinking about, all the shit that we went through
its over now im not letting this one go
this pain is way too real, but i wont let it show

it rang out like a nail in my heart
but i know that its only the start
and i know that you only pay attention when im down
it might take a while, before i come around

wrong reasons

I know I want you
I dont know what it is about you
I know I need you
but I know I'm doing this

for all the wrong reasons
I know what I'm doing
but I dont know what I'm doing

I want to see you
to tell you about what I have done
I didnt mean to hurt you
bu I know what I have done was for

i know

i know
you're not coming home

today i stopped myself from crying over you
tomorrow it wont be so hard to do

when will i see you
coming back to me
when will we be?
When will you be, coming back through me?
through all i know you to be

I know, but i dont know why
and how does this one end?
do i get another friend?

cause I know...
so im alone,
but i cant change the way i feel
the way i know.

Once in a while

Living here in this apartment, now its 85 degrees
Circumstances that we find I find you down on your knees
Life is hard and so am I. I think you know what I need
and if i close my eyes, i dont see you

But youre not stable,
and im not able,
all my cards are on the table
We池e going nowhere,
youre feeling so scared,
and you don稚 know what to wear.

But once in a while
You come around
We fool around
And I forget about my problems
And once in a while
You come around
We get it on
And I forget about whats bringin me down

I thought about you while the Loneley weeks went by,
i dream about you every night while youre with some other guy
And in the meantime time is slipping away
if i close my eyes, I'll never wake up