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//DOUBLE-O-SEVEN Mat and Taylor's old band,
//THE VARICOASTERS Yet another Band Taylor's in.
Cool ska.
//THE COURTESY CLERKS Dopest rock band
in Eugene.
//THE LOUNGE DERBIES Great ska band,
Great guys.
//THE BELDINGS Cool christian punk/indie band
Their CD is awesome
//SUM 41 These guys rock
as seen on mtv
//EASY TARGET Cool guys we met back in '98
Great Oregon Punk band.
//PAULY PAUL Great guy to know
Great hip-hop musician
//THE HIPPOS rad ska band
Check em out if you haven't.
//COMRADE JACK Oregon Punk Band
Really cool guys
//THE ATARIS Great pop-punk band
Check em out if you haven't.
//SAVES THE DAY Great band
singer looks like Dewey from Malcom in the Middle!
//DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL music for sad people
like acoustic saves the day


//88.1 KWVA Support Local radio
and they will support you
(in theory)
//INDIEAVENUE Pacific Northwest
unsigned bands