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Yo yo yo,

08-05-01 We played at a pig roast the other day. it was weak. aparently, old fat white trash people dont like us very much. but its ok, we'll get over it. we played in cottage grove a couple weeks ago. the crowd there was AWESOME. it was so much fun. We played with Nice Pants. They Rock.

05-08-01 We've been writing to other bands and venues asking for help with our summer tour. This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE RESPONSE:

"Actually, no. I won't help you find a show in Seattle and here's why:
1) Your favorite bands are lame...turn off the fucking radio/MTV bullshit and find some real music!
2) You actually like idiotic girlbots like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears
3) Two of your band members listed "fat chicks" as turn-offs and one of your band members listed "watching TV" as a hobby. That is so fucking shallow I can't even dignify it with a response...
4) I don't have to even listen to your music to figure out exactly what you guys sound like--boring, sexist, power-pop, wanna-be-a-rockstar shite...
5) "I know I can get another girl because Iím in a band, I drive a cool car and I wear trendy clothes, but it breaks my heart, when I dont see her at our shows." GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!

I like punk rock/metal/hardcore and bands that try to do something different--not copy what they see in vacuous videos. I like bands that have something to say and bands that play fucking loud. I have my own band and am not impressed with dillholes that pick up guitars to get laid."

I think that she needs to lighten up. I send her a nice polite letter and she takes the time to read through our whole website (but not listen to any songs) and then she gets all mad cause we have a sense of humor. Sheesh!
Oh well, shes probably fat anyway.

04-21-01 Ok, its been a while since I wrote any news, and a lot has happened, we got a new guitar player; JEFF MIRACLE he totally rocks the house. we've been practicing a lot and writing new songs, We played Jon Sharpy's Birthday party, that was a lot of fun, the people seemed to like us... Then yesterday we played up @ Ground Kontrol in Portland... It was awesome, only about 20 people came to the show, but, they were all really into it. So it was a lot of fun. We played a pretty good set, I was happy anyways, I'll put some video clips from it up on the website soon. let's see, what else is going on.... hmm.... we're going to be recording a full length album soon, and hopefully we'll have CDs and t-shirts this summer.. and maybe we'll do a big tour, but probably not. also we're playing a big music festival in Gold Beach on June 15th 16th and 17th.. look on our shows page for more info on that soon. peace out peeps, -Taylor

02-28-01 My other band 007 is opening for Reel Big Fish next month, so I'm excited about that. We should be getting here pretty soon... also cool. we're hard at work on a new flash intro... sick of skee-lo. if anyone wants to book us for anything drop me a line: Gary just started working on his parents website,

01-28-01 KUGR 95 Rock in Pullman WA, is going to be playing some of our songs, primarily the song Walter Matthau. So if you live near there, listen for us. we love you!

01-16-01 WE might have a gig coming up, we might not, we might be on a couple compilations, (we might not) no real news, but its been so long since I updated this site I thought I should. right now alterEGO is just me and Gary, still in search of a drummer, possibly a keyboard player. who knows.?

11-11-00 Well, CLiff Quit the other day, So we're trying out new drummers. if you know anyone who wants to try out or if you are a drummer yourself, e.mail me at: Gary is currently making an alterEGO winamp skin. that'll be tight. peace out. -T

10-01-00 I think we're about ready to start recording again. we got new songs for tha people to hear. also, we need shows. so if you're having a party or a school dance or a picknick or whatever and you want us to play just tell us where and when, we'll play anywhere for a sandwitch. The contest thing isnt really working, we've only got a few pictures. oh well, we reached 1000 hits on our website yesterday, so thats cool. right? and thanks to the foreign guy who signed our guestbook. he rocks! L8R -T

09-09-00 Colin is in the band now, he plays Saxophone and sings back-up, hopefully he'll learn keyboards and turntables. My car keeps breaking. Gary's Mom is mad at gary for not sleeping the right hours. She thinks he should go to bed earlier and get up earlier in the morning. But that is just crazy talk. Waking up at 2:00pm is just fine. at least I think so. I like the bloodhound gang

08-15-00 We just finished recording our first CD; a 10 track demo, that is entirely for getting gigs so we can get chicks. But if other people like it, thats cool too. We've only been playing together for about a month and a half now, but I think we're sounding pretty good.

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